01My Imaginary Move
02Typesetter's Song
04The Rut (Busy Signals remix)


My Imaginary Move

Jeff Brown - Drums
Nathan Grumdahl - Guitars, Vocals
Trenton Raygor - Bass, Backing Vocals
Matthew Rezac - Keyboards, Xylophone

He asked his teacher "Can I go to the bathroom?" The teacher said "no way Jose!"

He asked his teacher "I'm gonna go to the bathroom" the teacher said "fooorr sure."

Hoooleee cow ice cream, when the Monarques kicked seven different kind of shite out of my ass dramatic Niagara Falls fl owing down the cheeks at middle of rice field. Feeling was higher than Mt. Chomolungma, deeper than Mariana Trench. Now I'm on dramatic train ride with wide angle illumination.

Monarques is four dudes who live in Minneapolis/St.paul Minnesnowta

Their first contact was in September 2002 in the hood. The big fella TR the homie said about first rocking out "When Monarques fi rst started last September we knew it was going to be killer and unlike anything any of us had ever done before" yes indeed, that is the fact jack.

Guitar god damn right! Bass god damn right! Drums god damn right! Keyboards god damn right! Vocals also god damn right! Muy muy bueno!

They recorded stuff in Duluth with Dave Gardner AKA uncle Sammy Geee (super electric bass player from Selby Tigers) and baaad asss Professor Eric Olsen (from Arson Welles). While they were recording they chilled in fancy Gramdalian Viking style at deep forest and killer lakes. After that, back in the hood they did the mixing and mastering.

This will drop some shite inside, beyond a shadow of a doubt. It happened already in here. I will see them walking down the street eating corn dogs.